€182,000 allocation to repair Leitrim’s unfinished estates

by Fiona Heavey

by Fiona Heavey

THIRTEEN estates in need of urgent works have been identified for funding in the county.

Minister of State for Housing Michael Finneran announced an allocation of €5m is being made available to Local Authorities to deal with immediate safety issues and works to improve the living conditions for existing residents.

Minister Finneran welcomed the interim analysis and findings of the Advisory Group on Unfinished Housing Developments. The two most critical matters the group considered were public safety and the living conditions of residents in unfinished developments. There are approximately 400 housing developments, which are particularly problematic and will be the focus for initial action.

With each estate to be awarded approx €14,000, a total of €182,000 will be allocated to Leitrim County Council to help alleviate the problems in these 13 unfinished developments. The money is expected to go towards works such as closing manholes, sewers, turning on street lighting and closing off dangerous areas.

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