Easy access to derelict Abbey Manor Hotel leads to vandalism

Easy access to Dromahair’s derelict Abbey Manor Hotel has resulted in “vandalism” and “burglary.”

Easy access to Dromahair’s derelict Abbey Manor Hotel has resulted in “vandalism” and “burglary.”

By Fiona Heavey

Artist Sarah Stevens who is currently working on her solo show ‘Derelict Nation’ made a trip to Dromahair last week, it was her second visit to photograph the derelict and abandoned Abbey Manor Hotel on the Main Street. But Sarah was shocked to find the desolate state of the building. She said the interior was “easily accessed.” On her blog: www.derelictireland.blogspot.com she wrote, “Since closing minimal attempts have been made to secure the premises. It is broken into repeatedly and this has left it open to vandalism, burglary and the elements.”

“All around the hotel is evidence of burglary and vandalism. All the copper has been stolen; water tanks have been ripped out. The Honeymoon Suite has been vandalised and faeces smeared all over the bathroom,” she stated.

Sarah told the paper, “The hotel is filled with TVs, computers and valuable goods.”

“I have made two visits to the hotel, I was able to walk in through a broken door that led straight into the Innishfree Suite. This is a new extension to the building, done in 2003. Bad winters have led to a partial collapse in the ceiling and this has left the function room in a very poor state. Mushrooms and moss grow out the carpet and mould covers the walls. There is a pervading smell of damp. Chairs sit stacked and rotting away.

“There is a Marie Celeste like quality to this derelict boutique hotel. It is as if one day business ceased trading, the staff left and the place was locked up. In the dining room tables are set for dinner, waiting for customers that will never come. Behind the bar there are packets of Cheese Moments and Scampi Flavoured Fries that went out of date in 2009.”

During her second visit Sarah claims she and a friend noticed a man robbing paintings, she notified Manorhamilton Gardai and it is currently under investigation.

Manorhamilton Gardai told the Leitrim Observer that the hotel is “abandoned.” The Gardai said they arrested and questioned a number of people caught inside drinking alcohol and smashing up things a few weeks ago. A spokesperson for the Gardai said there is “easy access” inside.

Manorhamitlon Gardai said they are keeping an eye on the site and are following up a number up on the arrests made a few weeks ago as well as recent claims of burglary. They did say they don’t believe there is “anything of value” left inside.

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