Bank of Ireland customers warned about latest scam

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

Offaly Credit Union members warned of email scam

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Bank of Ireland customers are being warned of the latest phishing scam doing the rounds at the moment.

Bank customers have taken to social media in recent days and are reporting receiving text messages claiming to be from “365 online” that states “Your BOI account has been suspended” and provides a link to re-verify your account.

The link takes you to a very realistic looking forgery of the secure Bank of Ireland website. At this point victims of this scam are asked to for personal details including phone numbers and email.

This is described as a very sophisticated scam and customers are advised that no bank will ever contact them via text or email asking that account details or personal details be verified. If you receive one of these texts or any email asking you for similar details delete it immediately. If you have been caught out by this phishing scam, please contact your bank immediately so they can take steps to protect your account.