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Problematic water mains in Carrick to be decommissioned next week

St Patrick's Park

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In response to concerns by a number of residents in the St Patrick's Park area of Carrick-on-Shannon, Irish Water explained that the decommissioning of the old water mains will take place next week and should alleviate concerns.

Irish Water said it is currently delivering a programme of works across Ireland to reduce leakage, improve water quality and provide a more reliable supply of water to homes and businesses.

This programme is called The National Leakage Reduction Programme which is seeing investment of over €500 million over four years up to the end of 2021 invested in our aged and problematic water network.

The works currently being carried out by Irish Water, working in partnership with Leitrim County Council in St Patrick’s Park, Carrick-on-Shannon are part of this national programme.

The works are substantially complete, and will soon provide benefits to the local community through improved water quality and provision of a more reliable supply in addition to reducing high levels of leakage.

This vital water network improvement project currently in progress in St Patrick’s Park is a back yard water service replacement project.

In some older properties water connections were installed to the rear of the property, often referred to as backyard service connections.

The pipework is typically made of cast iron or lead and due to age and deterioration is a significant source of leakage.
Back yard services are usually shared, running through a number of neighbouring properties, making it difficult to detect and repair leaks.

Since all properties share a connection, leaks and bursts affect all properties and usually result in low pressure.

The works in St Patrick’s Park involve the decommissioning of approximately 780 metres of aged back yard water mains and installation of 170 metres of new water mains.

Each individual property has also had a new modern individual new service connection constructed off the new water main. Because of this extensive engagement was required in this local community.

Prior to commencement of the works Irish Water held an information evening for the local community and elected representatives to inform them of the details of the project.

Contact details for the team on the ground were also distributed at the information evening, and were also on documentation that was distributed to every household to receive the improvement in service. People with any questions were encouraged to contact us directly.

Until the old water main has been fully decommissioned there will be issues with leaks from the old water main and from associated services.

The problematic backyard water mains is programmed for full decommissioning next week.
This will resolve any issues of leaks from the existing old pipework. This is the overall aim of this project.

Households who have raised the issue of leaking pipes have been communicated with directly.
All interruptions to the water supply in order to facilitate completion of the works are discussed directly with each property owner.

Where wider interruptions are required the service and supply section of the Irish Water website is also updated.

This project is a water related project, Irish Water is not working on the sewerage network, and we are not exposing any sewerage connections.