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Cllr Des Guckian in angry exchange over Council housing

News Reporter


News Reporter

Cllr Des Guckian in angry exchange over Council housing

Leitrim Ccouncillor Des Guckian

Having submitted a motion seeking that “where there is a clear case of overcrowding in a council house and illness among one or more of the family, Leitrim housing takes immediate action to rehouse that family in a larger house, in a safe area,” Cllr Des Guckian reacted angrily to the reply he received.

The reply attributed to the Director of Services, Housing and Community, Corporate Services, Cultural and Emergency Services stated: “All transfer requests are dealt with in line with the Council's Allocation Scheme.

"If there is a specific case for concern, the matter can be raised by the councillor with the Housing Officer.”

Reacting to the reply given to him Cllr Guckian said: “I am not happy at all with the reply.

“I thought Leitrim County Council would be efficient enough to have a representative from the housing department here.
“It is just a push off as far as I am concerned.

“That answer is not satisfactory.”

In reply Director of Services Joseph Gilhooly said: “Individual cases can not be discussed.”

He added: “If you give me general concerns of policy I can brief the housing department.”

Concluding matters Cllr Guckian said: “You are muddying the waters. The allocation scheme is not clear to me.”