Tidy Towns volunteers doing great work

news reporter


news reporter

Tidy Towns volunteers doing great work

Branches being chipped in the Linear Park

This week was about what we could do between the showers and as it happened we were able to get a lot done.

We got the branches chipped as planned in the Linear Park. We are very grateful for Kalzen Tool Hire on the Boyle Road for their very generous sponsorship of the chipper machine.
As soon as the branches were chipped it seemed to start raining. Next we will be moving the chipped piles and cleaning up the paths.

Work continues clearing around the trees along the Shannon, thinning out branches and cutting reeds, letting more light in to the undergrowth, this will allow other plants to establish themselves.

Even nettles are useful for wildlife as butterflies such as Red Admiral and Peacock lay their eggs on the stems and leaves, then when the caterpillars grow, some of them will be food for birds. Greenfly and aphids live on nettles which in turn provide food for ladybirds and small birds such as blue tits.
Nettle seeds are food for birds during the summer. If you have them in your garden they are rich in iron and make a great spring tonic tea or a soup, the sting disappears when it is cooked. You can also make a liquid fertiliser from the stems by soaking in water.

Litter Picks
Regular litter picks have started on Sunday mornings at 10 am, meeting at the Tourist Office. It’s just for an hour or so and it is a great way to blow away the cobwebs on a Sunday morning. We thank everyone who is doing their own litter picks around the town.

Bat and Bird boxes
We managed to put up loads of new bat and bird boxes, some in the Linear Park and some in the People’s Park beside the tennis court. We were careful to position the boxes high enough in the trees and remembering to keep a good distance between the bird boxes so the birds are not competing for territory.
The bat boxes were positioned 2 or 3 to a tree, making sure to aim them in a sunny position and allowing a clear flight path for the bats to swoop home. We would like to thank Leitrim County Council who sponsored 15 boxes last year, we are only getting them up now.

General work
A few volunteers have made repairs to the fence on the Leitrim Road and started to plant a native hedge. The bug hotels in the biodiversity bed were also given a facelift.
If you shop in Tesco you may have noticed that they have installed a container for hard and soft plastics on the way out, past the tills, for all unwanted plastic. We noticed that even the container is made from recycled plastics. There is also one of these bins in Lidl. We know that recycling is not the answer, refusing plastic and reducing plastic are the first steps, but at least it is a start.
Please be careful when you are in Cortober as there is a new pedestrian crossway on the way to the train station.

National Tree Week
National Tree Week is from March 21 to 27. If you are planting trees please plant some native species, Alder, Ash, Birch, Cherry, Blackthorn, Whitethorn, Crab Apple, Hazel, Holly, Oak, Mountain Ash, Scots Pine, Willow and Yew, so lots to choose from. They provide food for wildlife and help with biodiversity.

Send your pictures
We welcome any pictures of any cleaning, painting or tidying projects that are happening in Carrick-on-Shannon, please send them via Facebook messenger Carrick-on-Shannon Tidy Towns Facebook page.
We have a Whatsapp group to let people know what is happening, when and where, then it is up to individuals to choose to come along and help if it suits or not, no pressure! Why not get in touch via Facebook or with any member of Tidy Towns.