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Great work continues in the county town

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news reporter

Carrick-on-Shannon Tidy Towns News

Tidy Towns volunteers working at a fence along the N4 in Attirory last weekend

Spring cleaning is well on the way in Carrick-on-Shannon
We started working on the area between Aldi and Esquires on the Dublin Road. As usual preparation is the most important part of any process and this is what takes time and effort.
We cut down the briars behind the fence, weeded around the blackthorn hedge, snipped back the tops of the hedge so that it will grow fuller.
We made a start to repair the fence, and started to scrape off moss from it. When it is cleaned off we can use preservative on it to help it last for another few years. All great team work and will take more team work to get it finished.

Litter Pick
We had over a dozen volunteers out last Sunday on our litter pick, so we were able to cover most of the town as well as areas in Cortober.
The Recycling Centre beside the library was in an awful state and we took 5 bags of rubbish out of there. It still needs a good sweep and wash of the bins.
We applaud the recycling efforts but we appeal to users to bring the rubbish home and dispose of it responsibly.
We would like to thank everyone who is out and about doing their own litter picks in their own areas, it really makes a difference to our lovely town.
Sunday mornings may not suit you to come out with us, so If you would like to contribute while out walking then maybe you would like to contact Leitrim County Council who will provide you with gloves, a picker and bags and will arrange collection of the rubbish. environment@leitrimcoco.ie

Tidy Towns Sunday Morning Litter Pick at 10am, meeting at The Tourist Office

Help the Bees
Bees are starting to emerge from their hibernation and are busy looking for food these days. To help them please think about leaving dandelions in your garden until they go to seed.
Maybe grow plants and flowers that are rich in pollen and nectar and use a wide variety so that there is a long growing and flowering period.
Sow some seed now so the flowers will be ready for summer, look out for pollinator friendly ones. Sunflowers are easy to grow and great for kids to try.
Don’t use pesticides. Leave out a safe water source for them. Bees are amazing little creatures and are declining in numbers because of the way we garden and farm, but we can do our bit to help them now.

Dog fouling
We are aware of the continuing problem of dog fouling and are disappointed that dog owners who do not pick up after their pets don’t take responsibility for the mess. Do they not realise that dog poo spreads disease apart from the disgusting smell and mess.
How would they like it if their loved ones come into contact with it on the wheels of a buggy or pram or worse, a wheelchair, let alone walking along the street and have the misfortune to walk on it.
Bags are readily available and not expensive, the Council even supplies them in the Linear Park. So please, when you walk your dog, bring a bag, pick the poo up and put it in a bin.
Thank you to the responsible owners.

Send your Photos
We need photos of before and after of litter picking, recycling, tidying, painting, planting projects throughout the town for our application form, as you may know the competition is going to be online because of Covid 19, so we have to be able to show what is happening in the area. We know that great work goes on, we would love to be able to show it to the judges.