This week's Tidy Towns news

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news reporter

This week's Tidy Towns news

Work continues in the Linear Park

Sunday Morning Litter Pick
Meeting at 10am every Sunday at The Tourist Office, join us for an enjoyable Litter Pick around the town. If you have a Litter Pick and gloves great, but we have pickers, reusable bags, hi-vis vests and loads of hand sanitizer.

Tuesday Task Evenings
Work continued in The Linear Park, thankfully we had a good turnout, and with everyone’s help we managed to move most of the mulched chipped wood and branches that had been in piles , from that area of the park to the Pollinator garden and wooded area at the end of the Linear Park. Thank you to all who brought their wheelbarrows and trailers. It was a great evening’s work. If you would like to help out for an hour we meet at the Tourist Office at 7pm. Check Facebook for any updates.

Subsequently, volunteers raked the mulch chippings around the wooded area and into the Pollinator area. We planted more willow cuttings along the path. We moved branches and old bits of wood into the pollinator garden to form a bed where we will fill with compost and sow some summer flowers for pollinators to enjoy.

We are going to plant raspberries and flowering currants around there as well. We are all about the bees here in Tidy Towns. There are 99 species of bees in Ireland, including 1 native Honey bee, 21 types of Bumble bees and 77 types of Solitary bees, they are in decline because of the way we garden and farm. They are so important to us and our ability to grow food.

The bee boxes that we ordered a few weeks ago are due to arrive now and we will install them when they get here. If you would like to help these fascinating little creatures you can easily do a few things or rather not do a few things such as not using pesticides e.g. weed killer or any other poisons in the garden, not mowing the lawn as much, let dandelions and clover flower they are so useful to bees.

If you intend to buy new plants for your garden maybe try Catmint, Fuchsia, Berberis, Ribes, Viburnum Tinus, Heathers, there are many others that are suitable. Annuals like Poached Egg plant (Limnanthes) Borage, Alyssum, Poppies, Cornflowers while these are Annuals they will self - seed so you will have them next year as well.
Flowering herbs especially chives, rosemary, Thyme are heaven for bees. Find out all about other plants and tips on helping by visiting They have just launched their 2021 to 2025 plan.

Thank you
We would like to thank everyone for their efforts in cleaning around their areas in the town. We would like to get any pictures of any clean up projects, or before and after photos of painting or washing or up cycling or any thing like that to put into our application form. The competition is online this year and we would like to put what is happening in our application.