West Cavan village in its third week of water restrictions

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

West Cavan village  in its third week of water restrictions

Do not drink

Swanlinbar in West Cavan is in its third week of water restrictions as the HSE extend the warning regarding the elevated chlorine levels detected in the local public water supply.

The HSE advised "Do Not Drink and Do Not Wash" restriction on the community continues this week.

The authority said: “The drinking water restriction notice (placed by Cavan County Council following consultation with HSE under Regulation 9 of the Drinking Water Regulations 2014) remains in place.

Any variation or lifting of the notice would be subject to prior consultation by Cavan County Council / Irish Water with the HSE and would require sufficient reassurance that the issues that led to the notification to consumers had been rectified.

As this has not yet happened, the HSE cannot therefore say how long the restriction will be in place. Any queries regarding the issuing of advice to residents from Cavan County Council staff should be sent to Cavan County Council directly.”

Cavan County Council say they will continue to liaise with the HSE to monitor the situation in Swanlinbar and will notify the public accordingly.

This drinking water restriction was issued due to increased chlorine levels in the water supply and customers are advised that it remains in place. The issue was detected following sampling which showed elevated chlorine levels in the supply.

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