Day 16: Win a Barbie Newborn Pups toy!

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

Day 16: Win a Barbie Newborn Pups toy!

On the 16th Day of Christmas Mattel gave to me....

We have reached the 16th day of our 21 Days of Christmas giveaway and we today we have a prize fit for a very special little child - a Barbie Newborn Pups toy.

This toy featured on the Late Late Toy Show and we have one to give away!

For some real family bonding time Barbie doll's pet puppies are on the way! Help Barbie deliver them by using the birthing bed included and pushing down on mummy dog’s head.  

To win just answer the following simple question:

What kind of tree do we put up for Christmas day?

Is it

a) an Ash tree

b) a Christmas tree

c) a Holly tree

Email your answer with your name, address and contact number to lmckiernan@leitrimobserver.ie

Don't forget to include the words "Day 16" in the subject line of the email. Entries close at 3pm on Sunday, December 17, 2017.