So what do elves at the North Pole eat on Christmas day?

Ask Eddie

Eddie the Elf


Eddie the Elf

In the North Pole elves can retire at 1400 (but most work on cos they love it!)

So even though Eddie has just arrived, we've already had a few questions from Co Leitrim boys and girls: 

Do you live with Santa Claus? Aoife (5) Ballinamore


None of the elves live with Santa and Mrs Claus, we live in Santa's elf village with our families. When we are very small we stay with our family - like you do here in Ireland - but when we get big (around 150 years of age), we usually move out to live nearer Santa's workshop.

What do you eat on Christmas Day? Séan, Manorhamilton (who Eddie met out in Carrick-on-Shannon shopping with his mammy)


Good question Sean! As you know the elves are very, very busy in the lead up to December 25. We have so many toys to make for all the boys and girls and then we have to pack them and wrap them and make sure everyone is in the right part of Santa's toy sack or it could end up in the wrong country! So we're all very, very tired elves on Christmas Day. Of course we celebrate this special day with a family dinner and we have all the traditional elf dishes - candy cane soup followed by roast candied apple, sweet potato pie, sherry trifle sandwiches and hot chocolate pudding, then maybe some mugs of hot chocolate with marshmallows to finish....elves have a bit of a sweet tooth!

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