The Adventures of Eddie the Elf

So I'm not quite sure about boxty.....

Four days to C day

Eddie the Elf


Eddie the Elf

So I'm not quite sure about boxty.....

Eddie's not sure about boxty!

December 21, 2016 10.30am

Just four days to Christmas everyone, FOUR DAYS! And I haven't gotten started on the second check of the naughty/nice list, Santa will put me on the naughty list at this rate!

Although in fairness, everyone in Co Leitrim seems to be very, very nice although I still can't understand the attraction of boxty. It's a pancake....potato, where is the chocolate, the candy canes and syrup?

I have been travelling the length and breadth of the county and will be posting my town and village challenge on-line over Christmas - I set myself the goal of visiting every town and village in the county and I think I have photos of me in every single one! 

Keep your eyes on our Facebook page as we will be running another Where's Eddie competition before the 25th.

I have also planned some surprises and prizes for the Christmas Craic section of the paper over the festive break - keep checking in to see what you can win!

x Eddie the Elf

p.s. if you think you have the ultimate boxty recipe which will convert me, send it on through and I will give it a go. You might even win a prize!