Don't forget to send your child's letter to Santa with An Post this year

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

Are you writing a letter to Santa this year? Here's some advice from the man himself.....

Don't forget to get your child's letter sent in time to Santa

As they have more than 30 years, An Post will again help to ensure your child's letter makes it to the North Pole in plenty of time for Christmas.

An Post's chief elves, Ruth and Feargal say "We are very busy here in the workshop. We have received so many of your letters and all the elves are working hard, helping Santa and packing toys and gifts”. 

Be sure to write early. In your letter clearly write your (child's) name and address. Post your letter to: Santa Claus, North Pole (using a €1 stamp). Santa's helpers in An Post will make sure you receive a personal reply from the great man himself, just before Christmas.
Santa has posted his replies to letters he received from all the boys and girls, so long as they included their name and address.

There's plenty of time to post your letter to Santa, he will still get in it time for Christmas.An Post has been helping Santa reply to children's letters free of charge for more than 30 years. The children of Ireland send over 140,000 letters to Santa with An Post each Christmas.

For more information see: here.