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From the North Pole to Leitrim

Eddie the elf


Eddie the elf



The adventures of Eddie the Elf

November 30, 2016

Location: Santa's village, the North Pole 10.30pm

I can't believe it, me, Eddie Elf, heading off into the big world for the very first time! After 435 years on the toy inspection line I am moving to the big league - Elf Scout 1st Class - acting on behalf of the big man himself....Santa Claus! 

This time tomorrow I will be settling into my new home in Co Leitrim, Ireland. I am almost beside my elf with excitement! (sorry, I just couldn't help the pun) 

I just got the word that I have been adopted by the staff of the Leitrim Observer but even better, Santa himself has also asked me to take on some extra special work -I get to be the official Co Leitrim Christmas Elf! I'll be checking to see who is naughty and nice and helping Santa make his final list. I will also be sending very special messages to people from Co Leitrim to their loved ones all over the world through my 'Christmas Cam' and I  get to go sightseeing with the staff of the Leitrim Observer.....I've already made a list of the top things for an elf to do in Co Leitrim, but any suggestions would be brilliant!

Just so that I can keep people updated I am starting my very own elf blog - The Adventures of Eddie the Elf - so tune in and see what I'm up to in the lead-up to Christmas. There will be lots of fun and games, my naughty/nice updates, competitions and prizes and so much more.

I have to go now and get my last elf nap before I grab the Polar Express.

See you all soon in Co Leitrim.

big elf hugs from Eddie x