The latest Leitrim figures show no increase for Leitrim cases

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

Six cases of Covid-19 confirmed in Louth


According to the latest case breakdown of Covid-19 infection figures (up until midnight on April 27) the number of people in Leitrim have contracted the virus has remained the same at 67 cases.
In Sligo the current number of people confirmed to have Covid-19 is 116 up from 107.
In Cavan the number is 634, up  7 from 627.
In Roscommon the number of cases is now 148, up 7 on the previous day.
In Longford the number of Covid-19 cases has hit 145 (an increase of 10 on previous figures) while in Donegal the number of people with the virus is 454 up just 1.