Traffic hazard remains unsolved in Drumshanbo

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News Reporter

Traffic hazard remains unsolved in Drumshanbo

Drumshanbo Cllr Enda McGloin said there is “still a traffic hazard in Drumshanbo” that has not been solved.

At a recent municipal meeting, he asked for the council to review parking in Keshcarrigan where the street narrows beside the Old Garda Barracks, he went on to bring up the outstanding parking issue in Drumshanbo at Convent Ave.

Leitrim County Council said they will review parking and possible extension of yellow lines in Keshcarrigan.

In relation to Drumshanbo, Darragh O'Boyle said “it is illegal to park on the footpath” and tickets will be issued.

He said the issue on Convent Ave is not a concern to gardai as it can act as a “buffer system to slow down traffic.”

The council said the road should be one-way and while a ring road would be preferable around Drumshanbo it is not in the plans.

Independent Cllr Gerry Dolan who previously brought up this issue; said the yellow lines should be extended and that there is “amble parking 30 seconds walk away for residents.”

Senior Engineer Darragh O'Boyle added that bollards will be constructed opposite Gala Shop, Drumshanbo due to illegal parking.

Cllr McGloin said Gala have acquired the post office and a new pharmacy is also opening shortly close by and more parking will be needed.

They councillors pleaded with the council “don't go mad with the bollards” around the town.