Bohan, Fallon and Warnock have all been elected on the first count in Manorhamilton Local Electoral Area

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Leitrim Observer Reporter

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The first count results for Manorhamilton LEA

Mary Bohan (FF) has, as expected, topped the poll in the Manorhamilton LEA and has been elected on the first count. Sinn Fein's Padraig Fallon and Justin Warnock have also been elected on the first count.

The results of the first count are as follows:

Electorate: 9058

Total poll 5693

Spoiled: 71

Total Valid poll: 5622

Quota: 804

Bohan (FF) 937

Dolan (FG) 705

Dowdican (FG) 275

Fallon (SF) 915

Gallagher (GP) 286

Gurn (Ind) 693

McDermott (FG) 661

Murphy (Ind) 313

Warnock (FF) 837

Now distributing Mary Bohan's surplus of 133.