IFA accuse Meat Industry Ireland of 'scare tactics' after threat of legal action over beef protests

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter


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IFA presidential candidate and national treasurer, Tim Cullinan has reacted furiously to the threat of court action by Meat Industry Ireland (MII) against farmers engaged in the current beef protests.

“Rather than addressing the legitimate issues, particularly price, which is at the core of the protest, MII have now resorted to scare tactics which have no basis for a solution to the crisis,” said Mr Cullinan.

The IFA national treasurer said: “MII is only a mudguard for Larry Goodman and the other beef barons. There is no way Larry Goodman is going to sue individual farmers and the MII statement is only a bluff and a diversionary tactic from the real issue which is the exploitation of beef farmers by processors in recent years.

“Beef farmers’ incomes have been decimated while processors have become multi-millionaires and are now some of the richest individuals in the country,” said Mr Cullinan.