Farmers are reminded that the BPS deadline is Friday, May 15

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

Tipperary Farming - Urgent Reminder of BPS Deadline

The deadline for applications is Friday, May 15.

IFA Deputy President Brian Rushe has urged farmers to ensure that they make their 2020 BPS application on time, with the closing date of Friday, May 15.

So far 75%, of farmers have made their application which is significantly higher than this time last year. Approx 95,000 farmers have made their application.

The IFA Deputy President pointed out that given the restrictions imposed on face-to-face contact between farmers and their consultants, and with clinics organised by the Department of Agriculture not going ahead, it’s important that no one is denied payment this year.

Mr Rushe said the very serious income crisis on many farms due to the restrictions means direct payments are a lifeline for many farmers.

These payments are worth up to €1.8bn to Irish farmers and IFA will be insisting on maximum and early pay out across all schemes.