Controlling rushes the cost effective way

Rushes are now becoming a common weed on many farms throughout the county.

Rushes are now becoming a common weed on many farms throughout the county.

Previous wet years and excessive ground disturbance by livestock has further worsened rush infestation and if no control measures are applied the problem will only intensify.

To retain Single Farm Payments farmers are now under increased pressure to deal with the abundance of rushes and South West Weed Control has the experience and the machinery to provide a cost effective solution when controlling rush populations.

With over 10 years experience using weed wipers we have developed and new breed of roller brush with gives a better contact between the herbicide and the rush itself, resulting in much better kill rates than our competitors. Our machine can be adjusted to target weeds of all heights allowing the grass to remain untouched at all times.

As the grass sward is not affected by the process this allows the valuable clover cover to remain unharmed. Applying MCPA and other selective herbicides using sprayers will substantially reduce clover cover and with the current price of fertilizers, ever on the increase, clover is a valuable plant to have within our grasslands.

Our process and herbicide will target the plant’s root system as soon as the roller brush makes contact with the rush, killing from the ground upwards which will result in saving you time and diesel by avoiding the never ending job of topping/cutting rushes. Yet another advantage over spraying is that livestock can remain on the land during and after the weed wiping process is completed.

We supply all herbicides and materials to complete a hassle free job for the customer. For more details about South West Weed Control or to book please contact Ryan on 00447816118164.