FEL rebrand to create VEON


Forest Enterprises Limited (FEL) has announced that the company will rebrand to VEON Limited, forming the first full-service private forestry company in Ireland.

The rebranding follows the successful transfer of trading activity from I.F.S. Asset Managers Ltd (IFS) to VEON, forming Ireland’s largest private full service forestry company.

IFS was the company which successfully promoted the Irish Forestry Funds and has been at the forefront in recent years of establishing Ireland as a foreign direct forestry investment destination.

Employing 12 specialists, VEON aims to revolutionise the ownership of sustainable forestry in Ireland and maximise the commercial benefits from this alternative asset class.

VEON will offer all aspects of forestry management from establishing forestry for commercial and private operations to professional forestry investment services, and aims to bring clarity to the market, educate farmers and investors to make informed decisions.

Daragh Little, MD - Forestry, said: “VEON will ensure our client’s afforestation targets are not only consistently met but exceeded, working to streamline processes and help landowners realise the true value of forestry as a long-term option”.