Farm Hazardous Waste Collection 2016 at Drumshanbo Mart

November 16

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

Farm Hazardous Waste Collection 2016  at Drumshanbo Mart

Farmers across Leitrim and surrounding counties will have an opportunity to safely dispose of hazardous wastes from their farms at a designated collection point this November.

Like many businesses, some hazardous waste is generated through the normal running of a farm, from engine oils and filters to the residues of pesticides, herbicides and out-of- date veterinary medicines. The removal of these potentially dangerous substances represents a major step in improving farm safety while reducing the serious pollution risks associated with accidental spillages.

The event for Leitrim will take place at Drumshanbo Mart on November 16 from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm. Farmers are urged to take part in the campaign by clearing sheds of out-of-date chemicals and other hard to manage wastes. Safe disposal of these wastes is important for every farmer in keeping the farmyard safe for themselves and family members.

Local Teagasc Advisor Shane Kilrane said: “This initiative is an excellent opportunity for farmers to safely dispose of their farm hazardous waste and at an extremely competitive rate. I would encourage all farmers to use this opportunity as the waste will be collected in a safe and environmentally sound manner. Also it will ensure compliance with DAFM Cross Compliance and Bord Bia inspections.”