Winter finishers need a major price increase


Farming correspondent


Farming correspondent

Winter finishers need a  major price increase

IFA National Livestock Chairperson, Angus Woods said that cattle supply numbers have tightened considerably in the last few days with some factories out of cattle last Thursday/Friday and struggling to get adequate supplies for the kill this week. Prices have kicked on with farmers insisting on price increases of up to 10c/kg.

Flat prices of €4 and €4.05/kg have been paid for Angus stock. In addition farmers are bargaining and getting flat prices on O grade stock and over 30 month cattle.

The IFA Livestock leader said the base price on the QPS for steers has also moved up with €3.75/kg now more common and €3.85 for heifers. He said cows prices have also kicked on by up to 10c/kg.

In the UK,  the price has moved on with the AHDB reporting the R3 steer price up another 2p/kg at £3.63/kg, which is equivalent to €4.54/kg. With the increase in the British price and the exchange rate at less than 84p/€, Mr Woods said there was significant scope for the factories to increase prices.

"Against a more positive market background farmers should dig in hard and demand strong price increases from agents and factories," he said adding that "farmers selling cattle out of sheds need a substantial price rise at this time".