Brexit statement bad news for Irish farmers


Leitrim farming


Leitrim farming

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Patrick Kent, President, ICSA.

ICSA President, Patrick Kent, has described Theresa May’s speech on Brexit as the worst possible news for Irish Farmers.

Speaking following the Prime Minister’s speech Mr Kent said “The risk of tariffs on trade between Ireland and the UK has just increased. Coupled with this, we also face the increased risk of the UK market being flooded with cheap beef and lamb from outside Europe. It’s the worst of all worlds for Irish farmers.”

Mr Kent also stated that Ireland would once again have to examine levels of production.

“ICSA believes we should only be producing that for which we have markets. With the UK being our most valuable customer and the potential for that market now being decimated it reinforces the need to take a fresh look at producing only at a level at which there are viable markets," he noted.