New social welfare scheme to help labour shortage on dairy farms

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

A new programme is set to target social welfare recipients to work on dairy farms. The programme aims to address the labour shortage in the dairy sector and could see some participants earn up to €5,000 without affecting their current level of social welfare payments.

However, €5,000 payment will depend on each individual’s personal circumstances. This initiative is aimed at people who are currently out of work, or are working part-time, or who are currently farming full-time but want to earn extra money.

This radical new plan is to be launched in mid-August – piloted in Waterford and Kilkenny initially. If successful, the programme will then be rolled out nationally in September.

It is understood that no skills or experience is needed. Those taking part will be trained up and placed on farms.

This programme is being supported by the Department of Social Protection.