Cattle trade is more stable says IFA

Farming reporter


Farming reporter

ICSA chief says Teagasc outlook for beef 'shocking' but no surprise

IFA National Livestock Chairperson, Angus Woods said the cattle trade was more stable over the last week with the base price for steers at €3.80/kg - some factories quoting less and others paying more. He said the base price on heifers is in general €3.90/kg.

He points out that some factories have paid a steer base of up to €3.88 in the last week and a heifer base price of €3.95, reflecting the extra bite in the trade and tighter availability of stock, especially in the south, east and north-east of the country.

The official Department of Agriculture average price for R=3= grade steers for week ending September 3rd was €3.92/kg and €4.03/kg for heifers.

R and U grade bulls were sold at €3.89 and €4.03/kg.