November 27, 2017

Large number of Leitrim and Roscommon farmers set to attend ICMSA AGM

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

Leitrim ICMSA to elect new  officers

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A large contingent will be expected to travel from Leitrim and Roscommon to Limerick’s South Court Hotel for the ICMSA Annual General Meeting being held on Monday 27.

The day is divided into two sessions with the  morning involving the ‘housekeeping’ (auditors, resolutions, statements of accounts, matters arising, etc) while the afternoon session will see short speeches by outgoing ICMSA President, John Comer, Minister Michael Creed, TD., Tara McCarthy, Chief Executive of Bord Bia and farmer and sporting legend, John ‘The Bull’ Hayes.

Lunch will  be served at 12.30pm, between the two sessions, and in the traditions of ICMSA, questions from the floor are encouraged and will be facilitated.

In the context of the challenges and opportunities available to our crucial dairy farmer sector and the vibrancy of the local ICMSA organisation, many locals are expected to travel and ICMSA have requested that all intending to attend confirm by ringing 061-314677 or emailing