Lift in lamb prices for New Year

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

Comeragh lamb

IFA National Sheep Chairperson, John Lynskey said lamb prices have kicked on again this week with factories paying €5.15/kg in a range from €5.05 to a top price of €5.20/kg paid by some wholesalers and butchers.

He said demand remains very strong with a full sell out over the Christmas holidays. In addition, the poor weather this week has left factories short of stock and procurement managers had no choice but to increase offers to get numbers.

The IFA Sheep Chairperson said with the kill for 2017 is up a total of 277,088 or 10% on 2016 levels, and supplies for the early part of 2018 will be tight. He said the total kill for 2017 was 2,948,493 compared to 2,671,405 for 2016.

“The large weekly kills in the latter half of 2017 will leave lambs tight in the early part of 2018,” he said in conclusion.

Ewes were making up to €3.00/kg.