Overzealous application of Clean Sheep Policy is causing unnecessary difficulties for farmers and factories

Farming reporter


Farming reporter

Feeding sheep turning green into pigsty

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The overzealous implementation of the Clean Sheep Policy by the Department of Agriculture at some factories is causing major problems for farmers and factories according to the IFA.

IFA National Sheep Chairperson, Sean Dennehy, said the Policy is causing severe difficulties at some meat plants. He said a  much more practical and sensible approach is needed by the Department on the policy, taking account of the difficult weather conditions at this time of year.

IFA has set up a meeting with senior Department vets on the issue and will be strongly making the case that a more realistic approach must be adopted.

Mr Dennehy said farmers will do their best to have lambs as clean as possible but the Department and the factories must take account of the current weather conditions. He said that imposing unreasonable requirements and costs like shearing on farmers and factories is not the solution.

The National Sheep Chairperson added that the lamb market is stronger this week, with prices up to €5.20/kg and some top prices of €5.25/kg. Supplies are much tighter and demand is solid.