Carrigallen star over the “Moone” at World Premiere

Eleven year old David Rawle looks set for stardom following the world premiere of Chris O’Dowd’s ‘Moone Boy’ comedy series in Boyle last Saturday, August 11.

Eleven year old David Rawle looks set for stardom following the world premiere of Chris O’Dowd’s ‘Moone Boy’ comedy series in Boyle last Saturday, August 11.

The talented Carrigallen lad stood side by side with big name actors Chris O’Dowd, Johnny Vegas and Steve Coogan on the stage of the premiere, he also chatted happily away with media at the round tables in Lough Key Forest Park, but it was on screen that he showed his amazing acting skills and allowed us a glimpse at why he was chosen to play this massive role which will no doubt make him a household name in Ireland the UK shortly.

The Boyle World Premiere of Moone Boy which is due to air on Sky 1 in mid September was dream like, it had sunshine, music, games, picnics, face paining, popcorn, candy floss and entertainment, as well as chuckles of laughter from young and old as the first two episodes of Moone Boy echoed around the former Rockingham Estate.

Hosted by Sky 1 HD, the event was attended by the cast of the series including Chris, along with David Rawle, Johnny Vegas, Steve Coogan, Deirdre O’Kane, Peter McDonald, and Norma Sheahan. The 500 golden tickets were snapped up by eager locals, mad to get the first glimpses of Boyle on the screen - and they certainly were not disappointed.

Despite sitting at a table getting lavished with attention from the national media, David Rawle showed his local loyalty by interrupting the questions to inform Chris O’Dowd that the Leitrim Observer had arrived, when this reporter walked in. O’Dowd joked “That bloody rag” before having to deal with some backlash from young Rawle for previously saying “Leitrim sucked!”

If you did not know the two names, you would believe that David Rawle was born a child star. He and Hollywood actor and comedian Chris O’Dowd slagged each other like best mates, finished each other’s sentences and praised each other.

David told the paper he was really excited to see the show on the screen “I can’t wait,” her chirped before going on to say many of his family were attending. Rawle said he had only “saw bits in editing” so was just as excited as anyone to see the episodes of Moone Boy in full. “Oh you are gonna hate it – you come across pretty bad” O’Dowd joked again with the young lad.

Chris O’Dowd said David did have the advantage of being “a local” and so perfectly suited the role. “I wouldn’t have had it any other way,” he noted.

Praising the Carrigallen NS pupil, Chris said, “He blew us away with his naturalism, he is very bright and a respectful person regardless of his age” He also said David was “very hardworking, very professional – always the most prepared person on set,” - astonishing praise from a renowned actor for a kid who had never acted professionally before.

“Sadly I had a tutor – luckily she only came in Tuesday and Thursday,” David answered when asked about balancing filming with his schoolwork. “No she was really nice, helpful and everything, but when you came home tired – the last thing you wanted to hear was “lets do some maths!”

David’s mother Bernie, told the paper it has been a fantastic experience for the whole family. They had to juggle lots of things about but they all pulled together for David. Mrs Rawle said it was tough for David to return to school after working with such big names, but the school were very accommodating and he got back into the run of things quickly.

Chris O’Dowd also revealed that David Rawle is much more than just an actor, he also has a future as a camera man. David Rawle and Ian O’Reilly both filmed backstage footage which will be used as extra footage on the Moone Boy DVD. David said he most enjoyed meeting new people and working with them on the show. He also said he is looking forward to series two which they are currently shooting.

O’Dowd said he hopes there will be a third series of Moone Boy in the pipes, “Martin is at such a special point in his life, David is going to outgrow it so quickly, we want to use him so quickly before Hollywood take him away from us,” he commented.

Speaking about what the series will do for raising the profile of Boyle, Chris said he believed there is a “responsibility on people who leave the place and are doing OK to bring some of it home ... it makes sense.”

Lucy Lumsden, Head of Comedy at Sky commented: “We really wanted to have this event as a thank you to the people of Boyle for welcoming us so warmly. If Chris’s Little Cracker was a postcard back home then Moone Boy is the love letter to Boyle and to his family.”