Leitrim’s first FREE Fringe Festival in Ballinamore

Ballinamore welcomes it’s first Free Fringe Festival from Thursday 25th to Sunday 28th of August.

Ballinamore welcomes it’s first Free Fringe Festival from Thursday 25th to Sunday 28th of August.

The festival will involve music, song, readings, theatre, martial arts performance -you name it, it will be there!

The Leitrim Free Fringe Festival, probably thr first in Ireland, certainly in Leitrim, is a local voluntary non-profit group solely dedicated to promoting cultural diversity of expression through the arts. The Festival is the “baby” of Tracey Murray who grew up with and became involved with promoting the internationally known Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The difference is that FREE and community are key words. The performance space has been made available, the performances are free, there are at least two free camping venues with toilet facilities.

The programme is diverse, catering for all tastes, including Whipping Boy; C O`Neill; Cold Comfort; Cool Hand Dukes; Leonado Torres; Claire Roche; Charlie McGettigan to name but a few. There will be workshops, stortytelling for children and grownups, a performance of “Victors Dung” written by Seamus O`Rourke, performed by the Carrigallen Players on Saturday, August 27 at 5.45pm. John McGahern Tours will leave the library on friday and Saturday at 2pm (small charge for bus).

Some of the Venues include Murrays Vintage Tea Rooms; Laurences; McGirls; Pat Joe`s; the Poor Scholar and various outdoor venues. The current art exhibition at the Solas Gallery, “Emotional Soldiers” by Brendan Dean will also be open Thurs –Sat 10-6pm.

The full programme will be available in locations around the county and surrounding areas and also at www.leitrimfreefringe.com or contact Tracey at freefringefest@gmail.com.

Seamus O`Rourke penned a rap about the Festival for the Charlie McGettigan Show, it says it all:

“In Ballinamore is a free fringe festival ... almost a rare as an extra terrestrial

Giving life to the people in these sombre times ... allowing us to colour outside the lines

There’ll be, acrobats and martial arts ... and elegant women throwing darts

There’ll be young fella’s with hairy heads ... and auld bald fella’s with hairy neds

There’ll be bands and singers and of course a First Aider ... and a lad in a car with an auto-trader

There’ll be auld women with dreadlocks on their way to mass ... So step one side and let them pass

There’ll be poets and hippie’s in their camper vans ... with an NCT and a lock of cans

There’ll be whistle players sent with their da ... and him getting over from the Cavan fla

There’ll be veggie burgers and Soya beans ... and a fish called Wanda caught by humane means

There’ll be singing priests when they hear the sound ...of all the sin that’s going down

Oh if ya want to go to a place for free ... Ballinamore free fringe is the place to be

There’ll be lads from Kesh and Ballinaglaire ... Aughavas and Cloone south Australia

They’ll be from Gorvagh and Corlagh and Drumshanbo ... and not a one ... needing doo

There’ll be clowns on the street both night and day ...making ya laugh and no need to pay

There’s a whole lot happening in Ballinamore hope to see ya coming in that door

There’ll be dignitaries from all over ... Lithuania, Drumreilly and Moldova

And local farmers milking early ... because craic like this has been seen so rarely

So take off that puss and get yourself down ... It’s all happening in Ballinamore town

It’s non political, there’s no harm meant ... but it’ll be like eating chocolate during lent

Oh if ya want to go to a place for free ... Ballinamore freefringe is the place to be.”