Lost Leitrim Orange Order heritage explored

Fiona Heavey


Fiona Heavey

Lost Leitrim Orange heritage explored

A unique occasion took place last month in the iconic location of Sloan's House Museum of Orange Heritage in Loughgall, County Armagh, with the long planned presentation on the History of County Leitrim Orangeism.

An audience of over sixty people packed the Sloan's House conference room, listening avidly to the subject as researched and presented by Historian Quincey Dougan. 

County Grand Secretary of County Leitrim David Morton thanked Quincey Dougan for his much valued work on Leitrim, and pledged the support of the County Grand Lodge in his efforts for the future.

Quincey followed with a forty minute presentation on The Orange Institution in the Connaught County, regaling the audience with a considerable number of stories and facts from the County’s history. Among the most startling information conveyed were the attempted murders of two County Grand Masters on no less than five occasions, the once uniting of Manorhamilton District Orange Lodge with County Fermanagh Grand Orange Lodge, and the mapping of the twenty Orange Lodges that were active in four districts across Leitrim in 1891.

Following the presentation a long question and answer session ensued, with some worthy contributions in particular coming from the many visitors from County Leitrim and Cavan, and from those with a Leitrim family heritage.

Quincey intends to continue his work on Leitrim Orangeism which will be compiled in book form early in 2017. He also is continuing his general research and work on the history of Orangeism, and as always is interested in hearing from anyone with interesting anecdotes or artefacts, particularly in relation to Orangeism or Unionism beyond the borders of Northern Ireland.

You can contact Quincey on 078 356 24221 or email qdougan01@qub.ac.uk