5G protest planned at Leitrim County Council offices on Monday, September 2

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

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Leitrim County Council.

A protest has been organised to coincide with the September meeting of Leitrim County Council.
Members of the public are being asked to join in the protest, which will be held at the lower entrance to the council offices in Carrick-on-Shannon on Monday, September 2 from 10.30am.
The peaceful protest is aimed to highlight growing concerns over the rollout of 5G technology across the county.
At least two motions on the issue are also coming before Leitrim County Council for discussion on that date.
Cllr Felim Gurn said he was hoping to encourage more discussion on 5G with his motion and Cllr Justin Warnock, who also has a motion on the topic, said it is important that the impact of this new technology is fully understood before it is rolled out.
“On the doorsteps one of the issues being raised was the lack of broadband, but there are very serious concerns being raised about 5G technology and we need to look at these,” he said following the meeting.
Cllr Felim Gurn said that the fact that such a large number of scientists, all of whom had published peer reviewed papers, had come together to demand further research into the impact of this technology on people and the environment, is “very worrying”.
“We need to look more closely at this. It is too late when it is rolled out to then raise any alarms,” he said.