GAA Connacht Gold Senior Championship Final preview

Web Exclusive | Resilience and mental strength key for Mohill says Danny Beck

John Connolly


John Connolly

Countdown continues to Leitrim's Super Sunday

Mohill's Danny Beck and Barry Lupton with the Fenagh Cup in 2015. Photo by Willie Donnellan

If anything has typified Mohill’s recent status as one of the powerhouse of Leitrim Club football ahead of Sunday’s Connacht Gold Senior Championship Final, it is their resilience and mental strength according to captain Danny Beck.

Mohill would have had a reputation, rightly or wrongly, of being a soft touch in the past but that is a reputation that is very much exploded and now it is Mohill who are regarded as a championship specialists, the team that refused to be beaten.

Recalling their wins over Drumreilly and St. Mary, Danny said “A few years ago, it is panic stations at those times. Now there is a calmness about us, we’re not just going there’s five minutes left, lob a long ball in and hope for the best.

“We’ll play our way through, we’ll just keep coming, keep knocking on the door and eventually that door will open. I suppose it is resilience and I suppose it comes from the training field there.

“If anyone wants to pull out of training, you’re a brave boy going to Podgie to tell him you’re pulling out. You don’t pull out and it is the same in games, you just don’t stop until that final whistle is sounded.”

That attitude was evident in the way Mohill battled past Drumreilly in the Quarter-Finals and Danny was quick to pay tribute to their opponents - “Both teams showed resilience and the conditions that there was. Against Drumreilly, we kicked 17 points, that’s fair shooting in those conditions.

“That’s Drumreilly, they never die, they keep fighting. Drumreilly never die, they keep fighting and Mohill would have crumbled a few years ago and that didn’t happen.”

A change in attitude has been helped by an influx of young players used to winning at underage level - “There is new guys there who have a free-flowing attitude, they just take things as they come and keep going and going and going.”

That attitude even extends to not worrying about costly injuries to key players - “We still have injuries, we have lads that are probably going to miss the final and it is what it is. There is not a thing we can do about it, you can pick up an injury doing anything. That’s just the reality of it, you just get on with it.”

With such a positive outlook, it is no surprise to learn than is a fan of the new Championship structure - “Just the structure of the championship brought a more competitive structure to it, it brought strong teams to the semis and quarters.

“There are a lot of games in a short time but what do you want to be doing? Do you want to be playing football or training on a Sunday morning waiting for games? Games are no harm, that is what you train for.”