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Huge increase in income as Treasurer Martin McCartin reflects on busy first year

John Connolly


John Connolly


Huge increase in income as Treasurer Martin McCartin reflects on busy first year

Treasurer Martin McCartin (right) pictured with new Leitrim County Board auditor Con Dolan at Monday's Leitrim GAA County Board Convention in The Bush Hotel. Photo by Willie Donnellan

Treasurer Martin McCartin might have been a late appointment to the post last January but the Drumreilly man produced a remarkably detailed and comprehensive report that saw a huge increase in the County Board’s income in 2017.

With nobody willing to take on the post at last year’s Convention, McCartin was only appointed to the role at the start of the year but he has already made a huge impact as the County Board recorded a surplus of €104,216, a massive increase from the €5,474 in 2016.

An increase in gate receipts from €99,493 in 2016 to €123,721 was undoubtedly achieved thanks to the new Club Championship format that saw a huge increase in the amount of club games.

But McCartin’s impact was most clearly seen in the commercial income where nine new sponsors were sourced and income rose from €92,642 in 2016 to €122,455 while fundraising activities, which includes the Supporters Club and Cairde Liatroma, went from €109,348 to €120,135.

Increasing income was only one part of the picture and although total expenditure increased from €1,123,302 in 2016 to €1,151,475, there was a significant saving of almost €85,000 in the cost of running the County Senior teams, which included the U21 and Junior sides, last year.

County Team Administration decreased from €382,045 in 2016 to €298,629 with Players’ travelling expenses dropping from €107,637 to €67,730 while the cost of buses decreased from €17,099 to €13,812. Team meals and catering also dropped from €66,559 to €31,306 last year.

The impact of the Centre of Excellence on County team costs is seen in the cost of training facilities at €2,680, down from €30,539 the previous year while the cost of Hospital and Specialist Bills dropped from €53,295 to €6,508.

Team manager expenses came to €21,395 with team selectors expenses costing €49,010 for the year and Martin paid special tribute to Brendan Guckian and his management team for their efforts in keeping down costs.

“We had very good co-operation from the County team management and I want to thank them. Whenever they needed something, they came to us in plenty of time and we were able to negotiate the best prices and get better value which was very good from our point of view.”

Asked about the cost of the upkeep and maintenance of Pairc Sean Mac Diarmada, which came in at €88,597, Martin said that the insurance cover for the County ground accounted for over €40,000 of that figure.

In relation to the Rates Bill for Pairc Sean Mac Diarmada, Martin told delegates that the matter was under appeal from Croke Park, who were happy to use the Leitrim case as a test case. Martin also said he was unsure how long the appeal would take.