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Leitrim CCC announce dates and draw for club leagues

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Club players all around the season can start planning their years after Leitrim GAA have announced the starting dates for the Dunnes Bar Divisions 1 and 2.

Divisions 1 and 2 will get underway on the weekend of March 31 and April 1, while a draw will take place next Monday to decide which two rounds of the Leagues will be played without county players.

The first players in action, however, will be in the Swan Bar Division 3 & 4 get underway on the weekend of March 3 & 4, while the start of the John McCartin Newtowngore Engineering U17 League is Saturday, February 17.

The links for the League draws and U17 draws are as follows:

Division 1:

Division 2:

U17 15-a-side:

U17 13-a-side:

The Leitrim CCC have also issued the Match Regulations for the Leagues which are as follows:

2018  CLG Coiste Chontae Liatroma League Competitions Control Regulations

(a)  Postponements will be granted only on the death of a club player/official or immediate  family member (parent, brother, sister, spouse, child) of either.
(b) Responsibility for communicating with the CCC will lie with club seeking the postponement.  When a game is postponed the referee will be notified by the CCC.

(c) No individual member of the CCC is allowed sanction postponements or alter fixtures.

(d)  Where a postponement is granted by Leitrim CCC. The game shall be re-fixed at the earliest opportunity as determined by the the CCC.

2) All fixtures shall be co-ordinated by the Chair and Secretary of CCC in between CCC meetings.

3) Only Correspondence by email from Club Secretary to Secretary of CCC shall be Considered.

4) Clubs that re-arrange a fixture without the permission of CCC shall lose the game/points as appropriate.

5) Failure to fulfil a league fixture as instructed by the CCC will be dealt with in accordance with Rule 6.38 T.O. 2017. Fines are as follows: ACLD1 €300, ACLD2 €200, ACLD3 & 4 €100.

6) Rule 6.38 together with Rule 6.21(4) T.O. 2017 will determine League Table placings in Adult Leagues.                       

7) Late starts will be penalised as per Treoir Oifigiuil.

8) Failure to have pitches properly marked by the hosting club will result in fines. Minimum Fine: €50

9) In the League if the Home team’s pitch or nominated home team’s pitch is unplayable they must travel to their opponents pitch.  If the opponents pitch is unplayable the CCC will decide on an alternative venue,

Ample notification must be provided by club to facilitate such a situation,  the latest time for notification by a club being 9am on the morning of the game.  Match points to be awarded against any team refusing to field

10)  In ACLs Divisions 3 & 4 on any given day should a club have less than 15 players and at least 13,then this specific game be played as a 13-a-side and be still counted as official match for the purpose of competition results. In any other case the game shall be played as 15-a-side once the club has 15 players available. If the number of players available to a club is less than 13 on any given match day then the game will be considered as conceded. All Play Off and League Final games must be played at 15-a-side.

11) The Top Two teams in Divisions 2,3 and 4 of the ACLs are automatically promoted.

12) The Top Two teams in all Four Divisions will contest the League Final. i.e. There are No Semi Finals in any Division.

13) Extra time shall be obligatory in all Finals & Play Offs (relegation or promotion) of all League Competitions where games finish in a draw.

14)  If for any reason a game originally fixed to be played without County Players is postponed then the re fixture will also be played without County Players. The County panel means All Players involved with the County Senior Football Panel.

15) There is to be NO relegation from the Junior A Championship in 2018.