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Door open for Mulligan return

John Connolly


John Connolly


Emlyn Mulligan leaves squad but rules out retirement

A despondent Emlyn Mulligan pictured after the final whistle in Hyde Park after Leitrim's Connacht Championship loss to Roscommon Picture: Willie Donnellan

Leitrim manager Terry Hyland has said the door remains open for a return of Emlyn Mulligan to the county colours in the future after the Melvin Gaels clubman left the Senior panel in recent weeks.

Asked about Mulligan's departure from the squad, Terry told the Observer said "Emlyn had a hard time with his knee and injuries and he felt he needed a bit of a break but he did say with all going well and we wanted him back, he would be available next year.

"We have other lads with niggles but we have what we have, we’re not a Dublin, we can’t pick and choose, we work with the lads we have."

And Hyland insisted that the loss of the veteran forward would not derail the county side: "Emlyn would have been out for Leitrim with cruciates during the years and they had to get on with it then. You never cry about what you haven’t got, you work with the lads who are there."