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Frustrated Keith Beirne sees bright side for Leitrim football

John Connolly


John Connolly


Frustrated Keith Beirne sees bright side for Leitrim football

Keith Beirne chats to the media after the match Picture: Willie Donnellan

Frustrated with how things went on the field last Sunday, there was no doubting that Keith Beirne was delighted to be back playing football.

Asked about playing championship  at this time of year, Keith’s answer left you in no doubt about his desire to play football: “Everyone who is playing is absolutely loving it, we loved every second we got to play championship football, league football. It is all there is really going on these days so to play football is an absolute privilege.

“When you get out on the field, all the stuff about Covid is forgotten about. It feels normal once you arrive into that dressing room. We have the masks on, the snoods on, we’re fully concentrating on the game.”

His happiness at donning the county jersey could hide his frustration at how the game turned out: “Little things, we pushed on but they just got so many breaks. We felt that if the breaks fell our way, we could put them under pressure and be in with 15 minutes to go but unfortunately they got a few little breaks.

“It is very strange, the day suited us, it is our home pitch, we love playing here and if we had a few fans here today, that would have willed us on for another few scores.

“Like when we blocked them down, they got the ball back. We blocked them down, the ball just fell into their hands. It wasn’t our day.”

The Mohill man, who finished as Leitrim’s top scorer, felt that Mayo’s strength was decisive: “You can tell that they are years ahead of us strength and conditioning wise, it drained us taking all their hits, taking the ball into tackles, their runners were very strong. 

“Their goal came at the wrong time. If we had got a goal down here, then it is a different story.”