GAA President pens letter to Juvenile coaches as training resumes today

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Leitrim Sport


GAA President pens letter to Juvenile coaches as training resumes today

Activity resumes in GAA clubs from today, Monday, April 26

GAA President Larry McCarthy has written a letter to the Association's juvenile coaches ahead of the resumption of underage training this Monday evening.

In his letter Larry McCarthy wrote: "Monday, 26th April is a significant date for the GAA as our clubs continue the resumption of activity. It is the date when activity finally resumes in clubs all over Ireland.

"This will be a particularly special day for our young people and their supportive coaches in clubs in the 26 Counties who have missed out on so much fun and the opportunity to play our games, and who will now get to follow the return being enjoyed by members in the Six Counties since earlier this month.

"To help the return to play we have developed the attached resources to support players, coaches, and clubs.

"The opportunity to play was limited by factors outside of our control. But what we can control over the next number of months as we return to training and playing games is the quality of the experience that we can provide our players.

"In this regard I would strongly encourage our clubs, coaches, games development officers and those responsible for planning and organising fixtures to ensure everyone benefits from a multitude of playing opportunities.

"Let us all work towards providing as many games opportunities as possible; including leagues, blitzes and creative festival-type competitions, over a longer season, consider allowing more substitutions – or even unlimited - and provide alternative formats to provide a playing environment that creates the best possible experience for all our young players.

"The GAA Kellogg’s Cúl Camps will begin in July and I am pleased to announce we will be holding the John West Féile na Gael and Féile Peil na nÓg festivals to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the tournament on the 21st and 28th August respectively."