Leitrim is unlucky in Lottery jackpot history

Leitrim is unlucky in Lottery jackpot history

In 30 years of National Lottery, Leitrim has only sold seven jackpot winners.

We all dream of winning a few million on the lotto, but the sad news is that while Leitrim is lovely, it is certainly not lucky.

The National Lottery released figures showing how many times jackpot winning lottery tickets have been sold in each county.

Unsurprisingly, Dublin tops the list with 565 winners.

The capital is followed by Cork with 172 winning tickets, Galway with 92, Donegal with 87 and Louth with 75.

Donegal has had 87 jackpot winners, Cavan 26, Sligo 22, Roscommon 19 and Longford 13.

On 21 January 1989, a Lotto jackpot worth €380,941.76 was split between eight winners, each receiving €47,618 – this was the lowest amount won.

The highest amount won was €18,963,441 on 28 June 2008, which was claimed by a syndicate.

The most recent jackpot win in the county was a ticket for €7.1m sold in Carrick-on-Shannon on the Halloween Bank Holiday weekend in October 2014.

Last year the National Lotto added two numbers to the draw meaning players have to choose from 47 numbers rather than 45.

With the addition of the two numbers, the odds of scooping the jackpot is 10.7 million to one!