Manorhamilton is a 'town with no cash'

Issues with ATMs

Independent Cllr Felim Gurn said the issues with ATMs in Manorhamilton recently has left it known as “a town with no cash.”

Cllr Gurn outlined that for the past two bank holidays along with a week last Christmas the only 24 hour ATM in the town was broken, “draining the whole town of commerce.”

He said the town serves a larger population of 10,000 with a traffic of 5,000 over a weekend.

Cllr Gurn said he has, with the backing of TDs and other councillors, called on Bank of Ireland to ensure any malfunctions are rectified quickly and they have requested AIB to install an alternative ATM facility.

Cllr Gurn said the cash issues are “killing me” and other businesses.

He has put pressure on AIB who told him the town is serviced with two smaller ATMS (one in Supervalu and one in Mace, which is now closed). Cllr Gurn is adamant that the lack of cash “is stopping people coming into town.”

The North Leitrim councillors supported his motion to call on the banks to sort out the problem, some said the issue arose before and fell on deaf ears. Cllr Mary Bohan said the banks are providing a “poor service” to the area.

Cllr Gurn said this is a serious issue which he hopes will be resolved.