Songs from Leitrim and the Appalachian Mountains

Songs from Leitrim and the Appalachian Mountains

Music from the Appalachian Mountains, east Kentucky, Leitrim and South Sligo meet in a unique concert at The Dock on Saturday, July 23.

Leitrim singer and Fulbright scholar Mary McPartlan performs songs from her album ‘ From Mountain to Mountain’ in a tribute to the late legendary American song collector and folk singer Jean Ritchie.

Mary’s own musical history is steeped in the traditional music of her native Leitrim but also in the singing tradition she inherited from her mother, a native of Tyrone. Mary turned to Kentucky, and to Ritchie, a fellow Fulbright alumnus in her search for new songs.

The album is a melting pot of Irish traditional, American folk, jazz, blues and essentially the merging of great artists like Bertha, her African American band Kim Clarke and Shirazette Tinnin with Irish musicians Seamie O'Dowd, Cathal Hayden, Mairtin O Connor and Matthew Berril.

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