Industrial action

Teachers announce strike dates in Leitrim

Claire McGovern


Claire McGovern

Teachers announce strike dates in Leitrim

The ASTI has announced industrial action including withdrawal from supervision and substitution and strike action to take place in the coming weeks. The announcement follows yesterday’s ballot results in which the overwhelming majority of ASTI teachers voted in favour of industrial action.

80% of ASTI members have voted in favour of strike action over the pay of recently qualified teachers. ASTI members will engage in strike action on the following dates:


·         Thursday, October 27th

·         Tuesday, November 8th

·         Wednesday, November 16th

·         Thursday, November 24th

·         Tuesday, November 29th

·         Tuesday, December 6th

·         Wednesday, December 7th

Commenting on the announcement ASTI President Ed Byrne said: “Recently qualified teachers spend five to six years training, including obtaining the required Master’s qualification for teaching at second-level. They are then expected to teach alongside colleagues who have completely different pay arrangements for their entire careers. The sense of injustice amongst all teachers is palpable. ASTI members are committed to achieving equal pay for equal work for all teachers.”