Deputy McLoughlin hits out at scaremongering regarding Sligo - Dublin rail services

News reporter


News reporter

Sligo/North Leitrim TD Tony McLoughlin.

Fine Gael Sligo - Leitrim TD, Tony McLoughlin has discussed the matter of the Sligo - Dublin rail service with the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport, Shane Ross, in light of new scaremongering reports emerging about the Sligo - Dublin service this week.

“We must put an end to the scaremongering in relation to rail closures. Recent reports about the Sligo - Dublin railway closing are simply not accurate and do not reflect the Government's position in relation to rail travel in this country. Upon learning about these false and misleading rumours about the Sligo service, I immediately discussed the matter with the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport, Shane Ross and he gave me a strong assurance that there is no threat to the Sligo service what-so-ever. This fact needs to be explained to the people who use this rail service and who are now fearful of its future.

“It is not fair for people to be placed in fear over a particular service when there is no threat to that service. We have seen this type of scaremongering in the past when sensationalist headlines with regard to the future of 'Sligo University Hospital Emergency Services' were published in February, which were since found to be entirely untrue.

“Like many local people, I was concerned to read of a leaked review, which was compiled by civil servants in the National Transport Authority and Iarnród Éireann. The review reportedly painted a very bleak picture of finances at Iarnród Éireann, where passenger services are running at a loss and the rail network is in need of substantial capital investment. The report suggested that without additional funding, large chunks of the rail network will have to close, which would see no train service into the West except for the train to Limerick.

"I must put this issue to bed once and for all, and I plan to follow up on my discussion with Minister Ross, by tabling a debate on the matter in the Dáil as soon as possible. I want the security of the future of the Sligo - Dublin rail service put on the Dáil record and I want the people in the North West region to know that there is no political appetite from any politician or party in Dáil Éireann to close this service to the people of the North West.   

“This Fine Gael led Government has strong ambitions in relation to rural development and investment. Employment figures show that jobs are increasing across all regions and in order to continue this positive trend, we must maintain and improve our public transport services to the regions.”