Packie the bear

This Leitrim bear has become world famous!

Leonie McKiernan


Leonie McKiernan

This Leitrim bear has become world famous!

Packie is a very well-travelled bear.

It really is a bear's life - if you are from Leitrim that is! Packie the Bear has become something of a celebrity and his travel website and instagram account have attracted a cult following in recent months.

Named after Leitrim's own legendary footballer, Packy McGarty, Packie the Bear "wears the green and gold jersey (of Leitrim) to show my pride". 

Packie is already a well seasoned traveller; he has visited 51 countries on six continents since he left home in September 2012.

As he notes on his website: "My first adventure ended up being the furthest place away from home, New Zealand. 

"I share with you some of the tales, trips and tips that I have picked up along the way.

"I hope to visit many more countries over the coming years and I hope you will join me in seeing them."

He is already planning more trips with visits to  Australia and Antarctica next on the list.

You can follow Packie's adventures here. Or follow him on instagram here.