Cameras in operation

Don't dump at bring bank centres

€150 fines will be issued

Observer Staff


Observer Staff


Don't dump at bring bank centres

Bottles, boxes and household waste dumped at the bring bank in Ballinamore.

Leitrim County Council is urging the public to respect the bring bank facilities throughout the county over the Christmas period.

In previous years, a huge amount of glass bottles were left on the ground at bring bank facilities over the Christmas season despite the fact that there was still capacity for clear, brown and green glass in the bring banks.  This is unsightly and poses a safety hazard. 

Leitrim Council advises customers using the bring bank services to make sure that no items are left on the ground.  If you should arrive at a bring bank facility and the receptacles are full, bring your recyclables home and return at a later date when the banks have been emptied. 

Covert cameras have been set up at locations around the county and anyone caught misusing the bring banks will be issued with a €150 fine.

If the bring banks are full please contact Leitrim County Council on the Environmental Hotline 1890 205 205.