Cllr Logan calls on HSE to upgrade footbridge at Arus Carolan in Mohill


Leonie McKiernan


Leonie McKiernan

Cllr Logan calls on  HSE to upgrade footbridge at Arus Carolan in Mohill.

Cllr Seadhna Logan.

Mohill-based County Councillor, Séadhna Logan, is calling on the HSE to make safety improvements to the footbridge at Arus Carolan, Mohill.

Cllr Logan said he has serious concerns about the poor lighting and steep steps on the footbridge, which is quite challenging in the darker winter evenings.
"This footbridge can be quite difficult for people, particularly older people or those with a physical disability or mobility problems accessing or leaving the premises," he told our reporter this morning.

Cllr Logan said that large numbers of people use this bridge, particularly when residents remains are reposing on site for funerals.

"I particularly noticed this as being an issue when a large number of people were leaving Arus Carolan and were struggling with the steps in the poor light recently," said Cllr Logan.

"I would propose that it may be in the HSE's and the public's best interest to consider removing the steps or improving the lighting situation at the footbridge or indeed adopting both improvement measures. If the steps were removed or replaced with a gradual sloping it may also improve the ease of access for the likes of wheelchairs, mobility scooters or those that need assisted walking, be it by stick, crutch or frame. Given the many challenges and costs the HSE is currently facing, maybe these minor improvement measures which should be relatively straight forward to address, could be included in a schedule of improvement works in 2017?"