Christmas holiday period

Bus Eireann's revised timetables

Claire McGovern


Claire McGovern

Bus Eireann has announced a revised bus timetable for the Christmas holiday period.

The Expressway services will also operate every day, except for Christmas Day and customers are advised to check Bus Éireann’s website for the following full details of the modified timetables:

 Date               Service level / Revised Timetables

24/12/16         Normal Saturday service with revisions

25/12/16         No service – Christmas Day

26/12/16         Revised timetables across all Expressway routes

27/12/16        Sunday service level, with the following restrictions (Route X1 first departure at 0600, Route 23 - 0100 X Sligo cancelled, Route 30 - 0100 X Donegal cancelled, Route 32 - 0145 X Letterkenny cancelled) 

28/12/12         Normal weekday timetable applies

29/12/12         Normal weekday timetable applies

30/12/12         Normal weekday timetable applies

31/12/12         Normal Saturday timetable with revisions

01/01/17         Normal Sunday timetable with revisions

02/01/17         Normal Sunday timetable with revisions