Search on for owner of injured horse found in the Leitrim area

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

Search on forowner of injured horse found in the Leitrim area

Do you know the owner of this injured horse?

The search is on for the owner of an injured horse found recently in the Leitrim area.

The horse was picked up by Co Longford based rescue service, Hungry Horse Outside. The service aims to save and re-home as many horses as is possible and to educate people on the responsibilities of equine care.

The horse was hit by a car leaving it injured and traumatised. It has been given essential veterinary treatment but, as the horse is not microchipped, the owner cannot be traced.

A spokesperson for Hungry Horse Outside said that the horse has a "long recovery ahead".

If you recognise this horse or can help identify its owners please contact Hungry Horse Outside on 086 316 2449.