Land owners left to foot bill for removing illegally dumped waste

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

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Innocent landowners are being left to foot the bill for cleaning up illegal dumping because of the wording of the current Waste Management Act.

Under the Act landowners are responsible for financing the clean-up if dumping is found on their property.

Cllr Padraig Fallon highlighted a recent case of illegal dumping on land outside Drumkeerin.

He said bags of household waste and electrical items had been dumped on the site and Leitrim County Council has since issued a notice to the landowners, even though they were not the people responsible for the dumping.

“It is an very unfortunate situation. The land is not connected to the property that the innocent parties live at. They dispose of their waste legally and have proofs of that, but someone has come onto their land and dumped waste and now the Council expects the landowners to finance the removal of this waste,” he said.

“It is very unfair. The notice that the landowners have been issued with not only demands that they remove the waste and dispose of it legally, they also have to produce receipts proving they have complied with this. They are also being asked to erect fencing at this location and signage warning about illegal dumping.

“This sort of work will be very costly for the innocent landowners and it is very distressing for them because they are the victims here.”

Cllr Fallon said he had spoken with Leitrim County Council and they had stressed that they bill for cleaning up the rubbish would have to be bourne by the landowner because of the regulations under the Waste Management Act.

“The Council has agreed to flag the area as a spot for the installation of CCTV cameras in future but this doesn't help families faced with bills for illegal dumping on their land,” he said.